Screening.TV provides an easy to remember and fully customizable platform for promoting and protecting your motion picture.

What you do and what you get:


  1. Upload your movie to Vimeo
  2. Decide if you will password protect through Vimeo or not
  3. Send us the embed code
  4. Upload your poster, graphics, and provide us details for your description, social media and web links (link to be provided once we approve your project).

What you get:

  1. We will review the picture for quality purposes
  2. Your film will be embedded on Screening.TV through a unique webpage (theater 2, 3, etc.)
  3. Your page can be customized and you can link to numerous websites (i.e. social media, official film website, etc)
  4. Your page can also include password protection, user sign up widgets, and numerous other tools (such as surveys or crowdfunding platforms)

WHY: ScreeningTV is easy to remember and easy to promote.  Use it in conjunction with your own website and as a tool to securely share advance screenings.

PRICE: Contact us to learn more